How to choose the right running shoes?

How to choose the right running shoes? post thumbnail image

How to choose the right running shoes?

Are you a longtime runner? Or do you have a sudden urge to start running? This article is for you! Already in normal times, it’s hard to choose.but when it comes to running, a lot of things come into play.are they comfortable enough? do they have enough bounce so that they don’t hurt your joints? Are they flexible enough? Or are they within your budget? Here are a few ideas for pairs of running sneakers to help you get started!

Smaller budgets

For those with a limited wallet, don’t panic, you will find a pair of second-hand shoes adapted to your budget! Here is the perfect selection of running shoes to run safely for small budgets.

Gentlemen: several choices are available to you to relieve your wallets as well as your backs during the race! Here they are:

For new riders who have discovered a new passion for racing from the confines of confinement: windhawk gel from Asics will be perfect to get started! You can find them at 40 $ at decathlon !

You also have some at Kalenji and more sober: you’ll go a bit more unnoticed by pretending to be a long time runner!

For you ladies, the choice is also very wide! You will find something to satisfy each of your desires, whether they are physical or practical! But here are a few ideas that you can easily find on the Décathlon website:

And here’s something to pass unnoticed in the streets of your city when you go for a run! Perfect for comfort and to hold your very first 500 meters! Still at Décathlon, and for 26$!

These will be perfect for your jogging outings with your friends from the confinement! Flexible and pretty, you’ll be able to run without worries! To be found here at Decathlon.

For larger budgets

For those who can afford a bigger budget, there are a multitude of choices available to you too! From Nike to Adidas, there’s something to satisfy all your running shoe desires!

The patterns here are pretty similar for women and men. And we can start with a classic;

The Nike air Max 90! A great classic that has been passed down through the generations, and can last for many years without any worries! They are also very comfortable and come in a multitude of colors! From 140$ for men and women.

If you’re more Adidas than Nike, don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of choices too! Both for you ladies and gentlemen! And one of the top rated pairs is the 4D RUN 1.0, at 190$! Sure, expensive, but you’ll still keep it for a few years!

And here is a small selection to help you in your search for running shoes!

Get your shoes on, get set, run!

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